Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for an update?

Up until a week ago, when I got sickly sick, I was doing pretty good with my workouts.

I threw a kettblebell workout in the mix and got my ass handed to me.

A gentle reminder that you can't be in kettlebell shape without using kettlebells.

I think a return to Les KBs is in effect, don't you?

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Oh man! Yesterday was my best friends birthday, and it was a toss up between working out THEN celebrating (I get off work 2.5 hrs before she does. Plenty of time) oooooor pre-celebrating THEN celebrating. Yesterday was a doozy at work, so some wine was sounding fantastic.

The listed Crossfit workout didn't look great for my gym for reasons I've said a billion times. I decided that I wanted to do a kettlebell snatch VO2Max  workout. It's fast and hard and I haven't really been doing a lot of kbs lately.

So it was a challenge to NOT veer off the road and go to the bank and Target instead of the gym. But I just kept thinking to myself that it's a CHOICE and I need to start CHOOSING the gym. Period.

Anyhoo, I did my 15 secs on, 15 secs off for 25 mins or 50 rounds. Holy balls. My hands are out of shape!! I felt one rip underneath the skin (ohai, blood blister) with about 10 rounds left. I switched it up with some alternating swings or single side swings to take a little pressure off my hands.

Overall, it was more laborious than I had hoped, but I think I'll start doing it more often to work on it.

aaaaaaand then I went and had sushi and one million sake bombs :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


LG Crossfit!

Back Squat
10×1 @ 80-85% 1RM (125#)
AMRAP in 12 minutes (as many rounds as possible)
20 Walking Lunges 90/50# (load however you like) (I held a 35# plate)
5 Hang Power Cleans 155/100# (75#)
3 Muscle Ups (sub hanging pull and bench dip)

The squats felt pretty good! After my less than ideal squat max the other day, I'm more than happy to be working on it. I timed 1:30 between reps with my Gymboss because I was under a time constraint and didn't want to sit around forever OR go too fast and peter out at the end. Felt like a good rest period for me.

The AMRAP workout kicked my ass sufficiently. I can't do muscle-ups and the logistics of being in a big gym don't allow any decent versions of it for me. The hang under a bar with your feet out front (like a reverse push up) mixed with a bench dip is WAY too easy for a sub, but it is what it is! While they were tough, I think I need to step up my oly lifting weights. Finally! I probably could have gone 10# heavier or so on my cleans. Easy to say now that I'm not in the middle of the workout :)

Overall, I dug it

Thursday, May 5, 2011



Squat (155#)
Press (70#, barbell)
Deadlift (195#)

Deadlift went up 20# since last time!!! HELL YES!! Last time felt like a true max. This time it followed a squat max, so I'm hoping my TRUE max is at least 200#. My true true max deads feel like a long slow grind. The 195# was REALLY heavy, but it moved pretty smoothly. I was so wiped out by that point, though, that I opted to stop there rather than risk hurting myself. Super stoked, though!

Squat...ehhh...I havent really been doing man heavy squats so it doesn't really surprise me, but I'll be happy when that number starts going up, too.

I'm not actually sure if the press was supposed to be shoulder or bench. I went shoulder. I think they usually say bench press if it's bench press. I think. I was happy with that number, though, too!

One thing that I noticed: When I was in my heavy lifting hayday, my back was my weak spot. If I failed at a lift, it was because my back wasn't strong enough. It sort of plateaued and put a cap on my strength back then. During this workout, my back felt fine. It was my legs that felt like the cause of the cap. I like that because I know that it means that I have plenty of strength to gain.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I felt kinda lazy yesterday, but I also confirmed that I put on a couple pounds when I got to the gym. Uh. Hello, motivation. Eff. Nothing big, but I know how much harder it is to lose a couple pounds than it is gain a couple pounds, so let's just go right ahead and nip this in the bud.

Kinda lazy + need a good sweaty workout = TABATA!

My long lost friend.

I busted out my GymBoss clock. Each round is 20 secs work, as many reps as possible, 10 secs rest, for 8 sets. 4 mins total. Always seems easy peasy for the first 2 sets aaaaand then I feel like dying for the remaining 3 mins.

1 round each:

squats (with just a 45 lb bar)
ab plank (wowwwww these need WORK)
lunges (standing in place, step BACK, and then back up to start. trust me. stepping forward = hurty knees and NOT has hurty butt cheeks, which is kinda the point of lunges)
jerk (45 lb bar)

With a min or two rest between rounds, the whole thing took about 20 mins and SMOKED me. Success.

The rad thing about TABATA is that you can do it with just about any exercise. Running, swings, snatches, sit ups, shoulder press, push ups. Just as long as it's something that you can safely do high reps with. So no heavy weight.