Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Saturday we ran about a mile and a half, very hilly.

Sunday we hiked.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles and it was WAY easier than I was expecting! Probably because I was forcing myself to take it nice and slow. Not that I'm a speed demon anyway, but still.

Bought a new iPod shuffle, which means I'll find my lost one today, probably. I NEED one though. They are ideal for working out, and long runs can be so effing boring without music.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ok, the whole running thing isn't going particularly smoothly just yet!! But I'm giving myself a couple weeks to get back into it.

Sumo deadlift 5 reps/
20 alternating snatches
5 sets

1R/1L, 2R/2L, 3/R/3L kb press x 2sets

2 mile run (....jog)

My hips have been feeling really tight, so I did the sumo DL to open them up a bit. I feel like DL, snatches, and presses are a solid base right now to build my foundation strength back up. The combo sorta hits everything and it doesn't take very long to do. My hands are getting nice and ugly again!

The run went pretty well. I tend to forget that one of the hardest aspects of running for my is my shoulders. My left shoulder gets a really strong pulling feeling in it, and it effing hurts!!! It's deep down, right about half way between my shoulder and my neck. Can't quite figure out how to stretch it yet. I know if I'm better at warming it up, it will help.

Another big issue is that my iPod shuffle has disappeared. Workouts, especially running, with no music?! EFF. I know as soon as I fork over the money for a new one, I'll find it...damn it.

Weight: -1lb

Thursday, July 14, 2011


3 miles.

Last time I ran the half, I ran a mile or two a couple times a week for about a month before starting this training program. Now I missed almost all of the first week with zero build-up. Damn. It!

I walked for about a minute between miles because 3 miles is effing FAR when I haven't ran in foreeeeever!!!

I know that if I just do the miles, even if I have to go slow or walk a little, I'll catch up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New things!!

right when I decide to re-commit to the deadlift program, I realize it's time to start training for my next half marathon. Damn it!! Also, I've never EVER had a weight loss goal. I think I'm going to try one. 10 lbs.

Deadlift max - 185 (better than I thought it would be!)
Weight (start point): 0

Deadlift 5x2 (135 lbs), with 10 snatches on each side after each set
Weight: +1.5 lbs (oops?)

I havent been home almost at all in 3 weeks. So my workout was super short because I knew I needed to get it done, but just wanted to be HOME! And my weight?....ummm....need to eat better. Bottom line. (and I"m a little bloaty on lady time. Can we blame that?)