Friday, July 30, 2010


Meh, it was kind of a pish posh thrown together workout.

3x3 Turkish Get Ups (TGU)
5ea tactical lunge/10 swings x6
5ea press/5 walkout pushups x3
One round of good ol Tabata swings:
20 secs swing/10 secs rest x8

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One bell. 25 mins. READY GO.

Another Crossfit Jersey Shore one! I LOVE that site. Sad that you have to pay for their daily workouts now, but they're so awesome that I certainly don't blame them.

The goal is to get 5 rounds in 25 mins, and finish your 5 rounds if you don't make the time. To be honest, I cant keep count past...ohh...2. So, yeah. I just go til my Gymboss beeps. Sidenote: bought the new camo Gymboss!! It's rad, but I think I think I liked my pink one more. Either way, it's the best watch around!

KB swings 5/5 (5 ea side, NOT alternating)
Pushups 10
KB Clean 5/5
KB push press 5/5
KB front squat 5/5
KB one arm row 5/5
Walkouts 5

Go heavy-ish. I would use a 16kg bell. For me, the best strategy is to just focus on the next exercise. Not the whole set. On pushups? Just focus on getting those 5 cleans in next. Don't think about how front squats are coming up and you hate those and you hate kettlebells and eff this is hard and you hate your life. Just those 5 cleans. Then those 5 push presses, etc.

Tip-When you start getting tired (there is a LOT of upper body in this), your swings are going to want to suffer. Don't let them. Keep your hips strong and really focus on keeping that shoulder pulled back into the socket. Don't let it get lazy and pull to the front.

Double Trouble

This one I stole from Brandon over at Kampbell Kettlebells. He was in the group that I assisted during my last RKC and he rocks. I will gladly admit that this workout SMASHED me last time. Which, of course, lands it on my favorites list. I need to play around with the weights a bit more, I think. Anyhoo...

Each exercise with 2 kbs of the same size (I used 12's. Those damn front squats were the death of me)

10 rounds

On the minute:
5 dbl swings
5 dbl clean and press
5 front squats
remaining time in that min: plank

Rest for 30 secs

Rinse and repeat 9 more times.

And try not to barf.

Enjoy the pain.

Savage Sunday

Back is a wee bit tweaked, so I'm taking it easy and am going to post a few favorites. I stole this one from Crossfit Jersey Shore (link to right) and it's my go-to when I'm being lazy and need a super fast, super ass kicking workout. My friend and I usually pull this one out on Sunday's (hence my super creative name for it), when we just want to sit around all day, but know that we need to get some work in.

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 mins:

5 burpees (could sub squat jumps)
10 snatches on each side (I use a 12kb, she uses an 8)
15 mountain climbers on each side
20 swings (same size you snatch with, or one size up)

Simple enough, right? These AMRAP workouts are really as hard as you want to make it. If you really push yourself, you'll be in a heaving sweaty pile on the floor by the end. If you take it a bit slower (which sometimes is totally ok), it'll still work you, but not as much (uhh...obviously). And, really? 20 mins? Doesn't get much quicker than that.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fight Gone Bad

I stole this little puppy from the Crossfit website, and tweaked it a little.

Burpee-1 min
Sumo deadlift high pull-1 min (could use bell or bar, I use bar)
Box jump-1 min
Push press-1 min
Swing-1 min

Go from one exercise to the next without stopping, doing each for one min (PACE YOURSELF. Or else you'll almost barf half way through the first set....ok that might just be me).

Rest for 1 min.

Repeat 2 more times, for 3 total rounds.

I set my Gymboss for 18 1-min rounds.

You can sub different exercises, as well, if you want.