Thursday, January 5, 2012

Of things to come...

Man, this blog has been a snoozefest!

Around Christmas I decided to commit to something pretty huge.

Two years ago, when I assisted at a kettlebell workshop, a woman sent out an email to all of the female instructors asking if someone wanted to share a hotel with her because funds were tight, what with her having to pay to fly out from Idaho.

When no one responded, I offered up my couch to her.

Kettlebell types can be....a little fanatic? So I didn't know exactly what I was signing up for. But it was only for a couple days, so why not?

Abby came and we had a freaking BLAST together. She was awesome and I had a great time showing her around the bay area (her first time being in CA!). We've kept in touch ever since.

Since then, she has started doing bikini competitions. NOT something I'm interested in myself, but it was so interesting reading about this huge change for her.

She also went from starting/owning a gym with her hubs to moving back across the country and personal training for a big gym


A couple weeks ago, she posted on Facebook that she was so excited to have her first online client. She provides workouts and meal plans, all via email and occasional phone chats, and mentioned contacting her if anyone else was interested.

I was.

I've been less than motivated.

And this came at the height of See's candy and cookies and crap holiday overload.

I asked her about the details and decided to commit to working with her for 6 months. Starting in Feb.

Sorry, but my bff is moving out to Chicago then and I just can't give up my last month of eating all the things with her.

And the food part terrifies me. I'm really terrible at controlling myself around food. And 6 months is a REALLY LONG TIME. 


Workouts lately have been regular (which is good) and geared towards hopefully preparing myself to not fully die when Abby finally gets her virtual hands on me.

Oh and I heard about a "run 365 miles in 365 days in 2012" challenge that I've taken up. For now. I don't know if running is really part of her program, but I can do an average of a mile a day for now!

I'll keep writing updates about everything regularly (well...that's the plan, anyway) when I start Abby's program in a few weeks.

Get ready for food rage posts!