Friday, January 21, 2011


My insanely painful TMJ isn't really effecting my workouts, but my whacked out neck TOTALLY is. Ugh. Deadlift program derailed. Again. This was a light lift, because I didn't want to strain my neck at all, but still wanted to get some work done.

2x3 ea windmill
2x3 TGU
3x5 sumo deadlift (wide leg stance, grip is between the legs, rather than outside)
3x5 RDL
3x 40 (total) sunday swings/alternating snatches

I've been a little tight, and sumo DL sorta feels like a stretch, so I like to throw it in there every once in a while.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Workouts have been kinda crappy and mostly repeats. I've decided to do the deadlift program again. I'm also trying to decide if I want to try to take up running again and do another half marathon. Guess what? You cant train strength and endurance at the same time and succeed at both! The San Jose half isn't until Oct, though, so I'm thinking I'll do the deadlift program first and then focus more on running. I'm also interested in seeing how much running I can substitute with kettlebells. Running is ROUGH on my hips. Super rough. So we'll see!

3x3 windmills
3x3 turkish get ups
4x5 power cleans (2x 55 lbs, 2x 65 lbs), set of 10 ea kb snatches after each set
6x2 deadlift (85% of max=155 lbs)
2 mile run (30 sec sprint, 1 min jog)

Overall, it felt good! Wasn't anything too crazy or intense, but it was definitely work.