Friday, September 24, 2010

Lunges and Jump Rope

Hey look! I finally did a non-repeat workout!

Yesterday was our company picnic thing, and they handed out really nice jump ropes. The kind that are made of the pieces of plastic all strung together. They're nice, because they don't tangle up. They WILL leave whip marks, though, if you hit yourself with them. I guess they were supposed to balance out the corndogs and Haagen Das ice cream they served at our health conscious company....

My apartment complex has a tennis court, so I did my workout there. I set up the jump rope in one corner (could do swings instead), along with my gymboss (set at 1 min manual intervals). SO. Lunge the length of the tennis court, about 20 lunges/yards, then 1 min of jump rope. Walk the perimeter back to the start. Repeat for a total of 10 rounds/laps. On rounds 4 and 8, I did side lunges, just to mix things up.

It was a LOT of lunges. Legs and butt are pretty sore.

After round 3, I began to question my sanity, but the last few laps actually got easier.