Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm on a roll!! Thanks, LG Crossfit! (ps-LOVE the pic on that post. I have a huge pic of Marilyn Monroe holding a barbell over her head hanging in my kitchen. Beauty and strength. Love it).


Back Squat

7x3 (95#, 105#, 115#x5)


5 Rounds

250m Row (um. didn't do this part. The gym HAS rowers, but also has squat rack stealers)

7 Power Snatches (55#)

7 Box Jumps 28/24" (um, the step stool thing I found was definitely NOT 24". Maybe 12")

7 Pullups C2B (did the hanging under a bar with feet out front style thing)

OH MAN. While it doesn't mentally feel good to have my squat numbers so low, it physically felt great to be doing work. Gotta give it a little time.

Those power snatches. Also not very heavy, but holy balls. Wore me out!


I think I kinda patched this WO together from LG Crossfit. I was at an unfamiliar gym and didnt have the equipment for the real one. I could do the required deadlift max, though!

Deadlift max- 175#

(I think I might have copied this down wrong....oh well!):

9/1, 7/3, 5/5, 3/7, 1/9
Hang clean/pullup

That 175# was really heavy, but it wasn't a true max. I wasn't comfortable failing in that gym and you pretty much need to fail to find a true max. The metal weights were all loosey goosey on the bar and it would have been potentially loud and awkward if I needed to drop the weight.

I THINK the second part (which now I cant find on their site) was supposed to be done twice with rowing in between or!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Another workout from LG Crossfit.

I've decided to follow their workouts (mostly). I like them better than the main Crossfit page, so why the eff not?

So yesterdays workout? Holy balls. My arms were shot today. Hell, my WRISTS were shot. My hands were so tired from the bar work that they labored to type when I got into work. It's the little things that truly show me how much work I need to do!


Overhead Squat

3x95# for max reps (I used 55# and did 10 reps each set. Again, arms were SO tired)


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Hang Power Clean Thruster 135/85# (ehh...I used 55# again. The cleans were easy peasy, the thrusters were much harder)



Repeat for 3 rounds with 1 minute rest between each round.

Ok, so, the weights that they usually designate for chicks (the second listed)? Would be challenging when I was in my best shape. Something to work towards!! I'm keeping it light-ish/doable (light-ish does NOT = easy. At. All. Just relatively light-ish)for a little while until I really start getting back into the groove. But STILL, after round 1, I thought "holy shit, I could call it quits and I would feel like I got a legit workout". I'm tired of slacking, though. I'm tired of being comfortable in my workouts. I watched Biggest Loser for 4 mins tonight (man, that show bugs me) and Bob said "you need to be uncomfortable". So true. I really pushed myself and it felt great. I recommend it.

But two back to back clean based workouts? Giant bruises on my collar bone and ev-er-y-thing hurts. It's nice :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


I got today's workout here. I like that blog because I can usually do most of the stuff in a regular gym. Most of it.

A friend might come out from Texas to the Tough Mudder race. Shit looks INTENSE. I promised him that if he came out, I would do it with him. At this point? I would probably literally die. Not sure if it's going to happen yet, or not, but it was a kick in the pants to actually start working harder.

I've been working out, but it's been medium intensity and pretty uninspiring. Even for myself.

I was excited about this workout. Although I lightened the weight to 65# for both the clean and jerks and the squats, I knew that it would be challenging but doable. Having a timed workout would be a good starting point to compare future workouts to.

SO. I got underway.

5 rounds

5x clean and jerk
7x pushups
10x squats

I finished, only having felt like I was going to pass out or puke twice and missing a chunk of skin from my thumb, thanks to olympic lifting with a rough squat bar, and went to check my time. I forgot to hit start. EFF. I was super annoyed with myself, but glad that I pushed through the entire workout. It felt good and felt like a good starting point for getting back into shape.