Tuesday, April 19, 2011


LG Crossfit!

Yesterday was one of the those days. Couch vs gym. I was gone all weekend and didn't get home until late Sunday night. Coming home after work and lounging around, cleaning up, unpacking, finishing the movie I started on Friday all sounded SO NICE. But I've been good about going to the gym. And I don't really have time today (tues) before I babysit so if I wait until weds to workout it will have been almost a week since my last workout. I'm smart and educated enough that there should never BE a couch vs gym battle. But there is. That's life. I'm glad that the gym has been winning more than the couch lately. Every day is another choice.

7×2 @ 80-85% 1RM (65# for me)

The Chief
AMRAP in 3 minutes:
3 Power Cleans 135/95# (75 lbs for me)
6 Pushups
9 Squats (I held a 25# plate)
Rest 1 minute and repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

The snatches felt pretty solid. Like I've said before, I'm afraid of failing (literally) in my gym. There's too much for the barbell to hit if it falls and it would be a hue racket. The 65# felt pretty good, though.

The Chief was legit. I hit almost exactly 3 rounds in every 3 mins. I was proud of myself for keeping up pace through the end, and was stoked that my best time for 3 rounds was the very last cycle. This was harder for my heart than the strength part of it. Huffing puffing, for SURE! I dug it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I kinda blended some LG Crossfit stuff together today. I liked the strength part of yesterdays workout (the circuit part not so much because I'm a little scared of doing jerks in my gym). I liked the circuit part of today's workout, but couldn't remember what the strength part was. (just looked it up, there was no strength part...oops)

8 heavy reps, cleans (4x75#, 4x85#)

7 Rounds
1 Deadlift + 3 Handstand Pushups (I did pushups with my feet elevated on a bench)
1 Deadlift + 5 Pullups (C2B)
1 Deadlift + 7 Squats (I held a 25# weight)
Deadlift weight–80% 1RM (go heavy) (150 lbs)

Do each couplet of a 1 minute interval.  So, do 1 DL and 3 HSPU and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  On the minute, do 1 DL and 5 pullups and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  On the minute, do 1 DL and 7 squats and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  On the minute, do 1 DL and 3 HSPU and so on until 7 rounds have been completed (21 deadlifts).

The cleans felt pretty good. I was actually good about doing full squat cleans this time. I'm usually pretty quick to bail and do power cleans. Tsk tsk.

I think I accidentally did 85% max on my DL in the circuit. They felt REALLY heavy, but also really good. I felt like I was controlling the weight, even though it was hard. I thought it was going to be one of those "top of the minute" workouts where you have like 5 secs left before the next minute started. Not so! I had about 30 secs left on most rounds, so that was nice.

It felt heavy and hard, but gooooood!

(not only did I add an unnecessary strength lift in, but I just realized tha tI did 85% max on my DL. Cripes! Accidental overachiever)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


LG Crossfit.

Snatch Grip Deadlift
Work up to 1.15xSnatch 1RM
On the minute for 12 minutes:
3 Hang Squat Clean 135/85# (did hang cleans with 65#. Should have gone lower on the weight so I could do sq cleans)
5 Clapping Pushups
7 Russian Kettlebell Swings -as heavy as you can. (heaviest at the gym was a 16kg)

Ok I dont understand the first part, so I'm 99% sure I did it wrong. It seems to say to work up to 1 rep of 1.15x your snatch 1RM, doing snatch grip deadlift. That doesnt seem right, though, because you should be able to snatch grip DL WAY more than your snatch 1RM. Snatch grip DL'ing 85# seemed to be really light. Nothing about their workouts ever feel super light! Maybe I was supposed to do 15 reps of my snatch 1RM? Oh well...

The second part was good. I kinda cheated on the cleans (slap my wrists). I get scared being tired and throwing weight around. My brain knows I'm capable of it, but something (probably repressed memories of tearing my groin doing a max snatch and not being able to lift for a year after) holds me back. I think I'm slowly getting my confidence back, though. Just need to keep on keepin on.

Monday, April 4, 2011


LG Crossfit ! (omg that puppy pic is so effing CUTE!!)

Back Squat
7x3 (add 5#) (115#)
5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts (115#)
10 Thruster(55#)

Squat- did 115# for all 7 sets! And it felt GOOD!! I was SUPER stoked about that. I knew it would take a little time, but I love seeing improvements. LOVE it.

Started those thrusters with 65# and thought I was going to die. Thought I was being a baby dropping to 55# because I almost barfed, but now I see that the "suggested" (ie: beastly) weight they suggested was 65#. Aaaaaand now I don't feel so bad :)

Going well. Seeing improvements is the best motivation!


LG Crossfit!

Front Squat
8x2 (Dont remember!! I THINK I did 95#)

30 Burpees (barf. Did 5x6)

3 Rounds
10 Hang Power Cleans (Umm...I think I did 65. Shouldnt wait so long to blog these!)
15 Pullups (did the hang under the bar with body parallel-ish to ground)
20 Air Squats

I read this and, at first, was all "30 burpees?? You're just gonna throw 30 burpees in there all willy nilly??? EFF!!!) My worry with burpees, since I kinda go straight into a pushup when I go down, is that my arms will give out and I'll face plant. You just wait. It'll happen.

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Which is nice!