Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 week check in

It's been kind of a rough couple of weeks! Last week's check in was WEIRD. I lost 1.5 lbs, which is a lot for me for one week, and gained 3.5 inches. 3.5! Wtf! That's almost half of the total that I had lost! It was so bizarre.

After that, my trainer forgot to send me new workouts. To be perfectly honest, being forgotten is the opposite of motivational, especially after having just had such an off check in. On thurs I had a pity party about it. I forgot to pack my shoes and had to leave the gym. I went home and ate a bunch of Wheat Thins, my first snack attack since I started this. That felt less than great.

When I finally got off my ass and decided to at least get cardio done in the fitness center at my apartment complex, someone was on the treadmill. I was SO PISSED. I went back home and sat around a while and finally came to a conclusion. Why am I counting on someone else to be my motivation? If that someone let's me down, I'm just going to totally let all of my hard work go? EFF THAT. I need to be my OWN damn  motivation! At 7:30 (way late for me), I got dressed, went to the gym, and busted out my entire workout. Even added 10 lbs to my deadlift. It felt great, and I think I turned a corner in my training. I'm doing this for me.

My check-in this week evened out a bit. I gained a lb and lost a couple inches. I normally wouldn't be thrilled with that pound, but last week was SO off, that I was ok with the numbers evening out again.

So what's a workout blog like this without progress pics, right? Right. Unless it's your own pics. Blech! These are week 0 vs. week 8. The changes are subtle, I think. Change takes time, so I'm ok with that!

There will be zero rewards for photography skills here, obviously!

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